“We are putting your financial future in your hands!”

Who we are

Africa’s Pocket is backed by a team of world class financial and business experts, committed to transforming personal finance so we can all create the lives we want. Our experience includes:

What we believe

1. We can create more democratic and happy societies if people weren't worried about money
2. We hate that people aren't taught about money and then end up doing things that hurt them in the long term
3. Society has made the topic of money really inaccessible. So it’s harder to ask about money the older/more senior we get, making us feel trapped in not knowing

How we started

Our journey started with a simple question asked by a sibling – “How do you grow your money? It seems so hard…” And then talking to people across multiple countries and ages, and realising that there was genuine fear and a sense of being overwhelmed that kept people from getting started – “Where to begin?” “How to begin?” How do I know it would work for me?”

We dare to dream of a world where you don’t need a financial advisor – much less so that go-to-person who means well, but might not be the best at equipping you to think through your money decisions.

And so our quest began. We’ve assembled an incredible team to build this, so we can create world class, jargon-free, beautiful products that you’ll enjoy learning with. Our small wins? Users like Caroline saying things like “I loved how easy you make it to understand finance jagon!” And we love the moment in people’s eyes when they “get it”, and they go off to build their dream lives.

We want to build an independent platform you can consult before making any financial decision. And which gradually teaches you how to think about those decisions, until you can confidently make them yourself. And then we want to give you the tools to execute on the decisions yourself, easily, conveniently, and securely.

We’re on a mission to transform this industry, and build happier societies while we’re at it. Let’s do it together.

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