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Savings Goal

Use me to:
  • Motivate yourself to get started - remember, "little by little fills the pot"!
  • Figure out how much you need to put aside to get to your goals
  • Get a realistic sense for how long goals will take to reach

  • Compound Interest

    Use me to:
  • Explore how much you'll have if you're consistently saving and investing
  • Understand the powerful combination of compound interest and time
  • Discover how debt grows over time

  • Car Loan

    As we do not recommend taking a loan to purchase a car, we acknowledge that this is a reality for most people. Check out our car loan calculator to help you figure out how much that loan is going to cost you. To figure out the best loan option for your car (and other general principles you should learn before buying a car), check out our Car Ownership course here

    Savings Goal Calculator

    To reach your goal you'll need to save:

    Daily Savings Weekly Savings Monthly Savings Yearly Savings

    Compound Interest Calculator

    Year Principal Amount Monthly Contributions Annual Contribution End of Year Value

    Car Loan Calculator

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