Your Roadmap to Wealth

An online course for Africans who want to build generational wealth.

We all want financial independence, but it’s hard to figure out how to get there.... until now.

Your Roadmap to Wealth breaks down the steps you need to take

Simple, jargon & judgment free

You won’t hear about spreads or ‘tax advantaged’ accounts here. If you must, you’ll know what the hell a mutual fund is, but more importantly, you’ll know how to use it.

Backed by experts

We’ve studied and worked at globally renowned organizations & we are sharing our experience plus expertise in this course.

Made for the African context

We’ll swop 401Ks and the NYSE for how to plan for harambees and how to pick the best SACCO for you

This course is for you if you...


Struggle to save consistently every month


Want to earn more or maximize your current income streams


Want to get clarity on your financial goals and how to achieve them.

Get a taste of the course

Spend consciously, earn more, automate your financial plan

Change how you manage your money

Struggle to save consistently?

Learn how to automate your savings to stay consistent.

Ashley saved KES. 1M in 1 year using our systems

Earn more

Earn more strategically at work or through your side hustle.

Sylo started a side hustle that supplemented her irregular income & paid for her daughter’s education.

Invest Confidently

Get clear on investment options that fuel your goals.

Sierra started investing & fixed her mom’s roof using interest she earned!

Pay off Debt

Pay off your debt and avoid bad debt in the future.

Lucy paid off all her mobile debt & built a 6 month emergency fund!

Let’s make you a pro at managing your money


Spot your gaps

Figure out what’s holding you back when it comes to achieving financial freedom.


Define your goals

Understand what kind of lfe you want and what it takes.
Wanna retire on a ranch? Travel once a year? Figure out how.


Fund your goals

Turn these lessons into a plan for YOU. Figure out exactly how much to put away and where to put it.

The results speak for themselves

Practical, actionable lessons

to guide your financial decisions

Meet Your Instructor

Moses combines a Business & Psychology background (UBC, LBS), with operational efficiency & banking (McKinsey). He’s a great communicator who can take complex finance jargon and translate it to simple digestible concepts that you can implement to build a solid foundation.

Make a financial plan in 6 weeks

Pre-recorded video lessons with practical exercises

Imagine what your future could be like ;-)

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Life time access

Revisit the course as much as you need to;
When you have a major life change like starting a family, switching jobs or relocating.

Bonus Content

Get extra content worth over $2,000 on real estate, investing, insurance & account information.
This section keeps growing!

Continuous Support

Need a 2nd opinion on investments you’re considering?
Wondering what bank account to open? We’ve got you!

Why start now?

Compound interest works best when paired with time. See below how much of a difference it makes to start early...

Take control of your money

You’ve worked extremely hard for your money, why leave how you manage it to chance?