Setting Tangible Goals

Setting Tangible Goals

It seems almost natural or obvious that what should be at the forefront of everything in your life, should be your goals.  This is especially true when it comes to your finances. 

A lot of times people DM us or send us whatsapp messages asking, “ I want to start investing, where do I start?” “ Is  XX a good investment?”

We often answer this question with the question;

“What are your goals?” 

Truthfully this wasn’t top of my mind before I became part of the Africa’s Pocket team. I had taken other personal finance courses but I had never thought to have my goals and values at the front of my financial plan. When I did, I gained so much perspective about myself and felt really encouraged to develop the discipline to work towards those goals.

Here are a few things to map out when you begin goal setting:

  1. Who are YOU?

Might sound a little selfish but you need to be at the core of your financial goals. What do you want now? When you’re 60? After you die? Do you want to live in a mansion where all your grandkids can stay in when they visit or do you want a smaller house and prioritize seeing the world or both? Do you have (or plan to have) dependents? What are your values? Figuring out what’s important to you helps you make financial goals and decisions that are tailored to the life you want to have and not one influenced by others.

  1. What’s your HOW?

This is where you work backwards and outline how much money you’ll need to fulfill those goals you’ve set. What will you need to do? Set up a pension fund? Earn more?  Invest? Start being more intentional with your coins? We have a savings goal calculator that helps you do the math of how much you’ll need. It might seem  intimidating at first but it’s better to know and plan ahead.

  1. Are your goals SMART?

You might have heard the term “SMART goals” where you work. Yup! Also applies to your finances.

This is only the beginning, do you want to do more with your finances? Check out our guide Stop Freestyling your Finances for more insights on setting up your financial plan.

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