2 things that might be stopping you from achieving greatness this year

2 things that might be stopping you from achieving greatness this year

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How are you feeling about the first couple of weeks of 2021? Confident? Scared? Are you already looking through your new year’s goals and postponing them to next year? Have you lost the notebook or accidentally deleted the app where you wrote all your new year's goals? Are you feeling a lack of motivation and hating yourself for failing to complete yet another set of goals?

Guess what? That’s totally okay! It’s not easy to set, stick-to and achieve goals. That’s why in this week’s blog, we help you outline some of the things that might be stopping you from achieving your best self.

So, what might be stopping you from achieving your greatness? 

  1. Maybe you aren’t specific enough

We’ve talked about this a little bit in the past but it’s important to underscore how specificity helps you achieve your goals. Heidi Grant Halvorson, from the Motivation Science Center at Columbia Business School, encourages that specifying your goals into specific tasks increases your chances of success by 300%.

Specificity helps centres your focus and instead of your goal being this overarching anxiety-inducing thing, it becomes a series of small doable tasks that you can feel good about completing.

  1. Lack of positivity

Say your goal is to improve your fitness. Are you going into every workout thinking how unfit and unhealthy you are? Do you curse your body and how it’s not able to move fast enough?  Let me ask, do you think this mind-frame is helpful or hindering your fitness journey?

A study conducted for the journal Applied Psychology looked at how a positive or negative orientation impacted 246 entrepreneurs. The study found that entrepreneurs that achieved their goals usually had  a positive outlook on them. Specifically they found that while positivity was not a direct correlation to achieving goals, it helps entrepreneurs engage more optimistically with their goals and thus actively pursue their goals.

So, while positivity is not the antidote to achieving your goals, it’s part of the serum that helps get you there. So, love on yourself a little and believe in yourself! You’d be surprised at what you can achieve.

Think there might be other things stopping you from achieving your goals? Write them down, ask yourself why and make the necessary change!

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