Why does Africa’s Pocket exist?

Why does Africa’s Pocket exist?

Your ‘why’ is extremely important.

It’s your purpose, your movement, your driving force. 

You have probably come to know (and love) Africa’s Pocket as your neighbourhood money-buddy who gives you stress-free, easy to execute advice for your money. 

During your coffee break, before the news, during your downtime, you check your phone and there we are telling you what you can do to manage your money better.


Yes, it’s fun for us and we enjoy seeing you win. 

Yes, we love hearing stories about how our community members, through our products, went from debt to building investment portfolios, surviving job loss, and eventually owning a portfolio of investments.

Let me let you in on a not-so little secret beyond this we have a greater ‘why’.

Think of a company like a small organism, and each organism starts with a single cell that eventually branches out into different cells forming a group of organisms that work together towards a common goal rooted in purpose. Naturally, our ‘why’ is deeply rooted in our Co-Founder, Val Njoroge’s why

‘Why is it easier for me to order a book off Amazon than Jumia? Why are my electronics, clothes and even my food & beauty products made elsewhere? Why do I take financial advice from people who have never lived or invested where I do?’

Her passion for business, a knack for finance and a drive for building an economically stable and self-reliant Africa are the perfect storm for Africa’s Pocket’s mission.

Our continent is full of resources and potential. Agriculturally rich, economically ripe, culturally diverse, and yet, the people of Africa are the poorest in the world. Why? We can’t keep the money we do make within the economy. Between foreign investors, donors, exports and brain drain, Africans get the last slice of cake.  In addition to that, did you know that 25-34% of African adults are financially literate? This pales in comparison to 55-75% of  Americans and Europeans adults who are financially literate.

The financial and knowledge wealth gap between Africa and the rest of the world is shocking. So we’ve set out to build a global African company whose goal is to help close that gap and see all Africans create generational wealth.

Simply put, I think we can all agree that money is power. Money moves decisions, drives change and secures true freedom. 

Knowledge of money gives people ownership over their lives and affords them the freedoms to make decisions for themselves. So how might this work for all of us?  Understanding our money, access to investment opportunities and therefore flexibility to take on risk & create new opportunities is the future of strong communities. 

Really, that’s it. 

So, back to the organisms analogy:

The single cell is you and I, and the organism is our company, and in working together, we aim to build the future Africa; self reliant, globally competitive and able to fuel the next generations.

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