What they don't tell you about the true value of investing

What they don't tell you about the true value of investing

What they don't tell you about the true value of investing?

The truth about investing

Let’s be honest, the hardest part of a long-term investment is patience and trust. 

Firstly, having the patience to see the seeds of your labour bear fruit. Secondly, trusting that where you have decided to plant your seeds, the fruits will eventually grow.

Implementing these characteristics can be quite difficult when you've got a lot of money involved. Putting a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash into an investment and forcing yourself to have the patience to watch it grow as well as trusting that it will grow is a huge ask of anybody!

So what exactly is it about investing keeps people from pulling out their money early? What is the value of this phenomenon that keeps people trusting and waiting patiently?

Most of the time it’s an understanding of the value investing offers.

I have a high-paying job, why should I invest?

You see, unlike a fulltime job, investing offers an opportunity for long-term financial security. While a fulltime job offers you a monthly salary at the end of every month, it doesn'  guarantee  security in the long-run. Getting money at the end of each month deposited into your account is a false sense of security. If anything has highlighted this more, it’s been the pandemic.

Anything can happen. Your company could go bust, you could be declared redundant, funding shortfalls and profit declines could impact your company’s ability to pay you. All of these scenarios result in you no longer having access to your monthly income.

While some people may plan themselves accordingly to circumvent the economic fallout of a job loss, many are not so lucky.

Say you’re one of the lucky ones and you never lose your job. You work until retirement and survive mostly on your salary. Unless you earn hoards of money a month, this still doesn’t guarantee you long-term financial security because a monthly income, determined by someone else,  scripts how you live your life. 

Why should you always work for money instead of letting money work for you?

While a job is about earning money, investing is about building wealth. Despite both putting money in your account, a job offers financial security in the form of regular income and short-term returns while investing offers financial security in the form of regular income and long-term returns. 

So how does one start to invest?

There are many ways to invest. It sounds a little scary but that’s the beauty of investing, with adequate research, you can choose where you want to put your money in order to grow it. The Investable Team shares a free masterclass exploring investing challenges and how to overcome them. The masterclass gives you a sneak peak of the course so you know what to expect. 

But wait…

Yes, there’s always a but. It’s not enough to just throw money into an investment, cross your fingers and hope that it all works out. In a recent Youtube Live with Financial Advisor, Rina Hicks and Influencer, Sharon Mundia, Rina shared a major mistake people tend to make when it comes to investing.

Chasing money without purpose or a plan.

In this segment, Rina shared her investing journey and reflected on some of the mistakes she made despite being a finance expert. She speaks about her journey to date, how she changed her mindset & philosophy around investing.

Rina realized she had to stop chasing returns and focus on developing an investment strategy that provides safety, enhanced her life and also built wealth, rather than just focusing on 'making high returns' like most of us tend to do. In order to really make the most on investments, Rina encourages, actualising clarity before building a thorough investment strategy that reflects one's financial goals.

You see, while investing requires time, effort, research and patience, it’s doable and most importantly -it’s worth it!

That is why Investable exists! We give you a step by step guide to building an investment portfolio that aligns with YOUR goals and that works for YOU! It’s time to say goodbye to advice that doesn’t apply to you, bid farewell to complicated terminology and guesswork.

Join Investable today & start investing with confidence. 

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