What is it really for? Retirement is so far away!

What is it really for? Retirement is so far away!

Why haven’t you started saving for your retirement?

Let me guess, you graduated a couple of years ago, you literally just started working at a job you actually like and are actually making money, retirement is so far away and you just want to see what NOT living a broke life actually feels like for once. After all, adulting will come later. 

Fair, fair and fair. 

You are well within your rights when it comes to this. There is indeed a balance between ‘enjoying’ and ‘planning’. However, you cannot enjoy without a plan.

Retirement may seem far away but here are two reasons why starting to plan for your retirement early is always the best option. 

  1. Time is on your side

Let’s face it, you can’t start saving for retirement when you’re 60 years old. At that point you are retired. You will not have as much energy as you did when you were 25 and unless you have investments elsewhere, you are not exactly a prime hire. 

When you’re in your early twenties to mid-thirties, time is on your side. 

Time to save, time to compound wealth, time to experiment, The earlier you start the easier it is. 

If you start saving KES. 30,000 every month from the age of 25, by the time you’re 67 you will have KES. 15,120000. If you start saving KES 30,000 every month from the age of 50, by the time you’re 67 you will have KES. 6,120000.

Starting to save early doesn’t just mean having time to save more money, it also means having time to compound and grow your money. Early retirement planning means, increasing your income earlier, having access to potential investments sooner and having more options by the time you hit retirement. 

  1. You have less responsibility and more financial flexibility when you’re younger

In your twenties and maybe earlier thirties you tend to have less responsibilities. Show up to work, don’t get fired, pay your bills on time, feed yourself and keep yourself alive. Most people don’t have kids yet, others are still living with their parents and trying to save a coin or two. Major responsibilities like children, a mortgage, and school fees come a little later.

What this means is that your money isn’t really tied up yet. You have the flexibility to put some money towards retirement. I know it doesn’t sound glamorous and neither does it sound fun but trust me, fun is having financial options, medical coverage, a well-deserved expensive hobby and a fully paid for home at 67.

Instead of throwing money around and waiting for financial responsibilities to come a hit you later in life. Do your future self a favour and make the most of your flexible income while you can.  

All of that said, what’s holding you back if not for excuses? 

If you need an extra push to see how much you need to save each month, check out our savings goals calculator to help get you started on your planning.

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