The Success Strategy

The Success Strategy

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. The first time I heard this at a self-help event, my eyes instantly rolled to the back of my head at how corny that statement sounded. I left that event the same way as I came: confused, irritated and without actionable goals. This led me to consult my trusted old friend, Google. I was bombarded by a number of ‘Here are the 5 ways to set goals’ articles. I went through article after article, list after list and still closed my tabs the same — confused, irritated and without actionable goals.

PS: This post isn’t going to be one of those.

I sought advice from my friends on how they go about setting goals and to my surprise, most of them just breeze through life. ‘We move regardless, ‘ they said.

We have read stories online and heard of the famous life crisis: the quarter-life crisis, mid-life crisis, and the retirement crisis. All characterized with intense anxiety on the direction and quality of your life at these major milestones. We all have an idea of where we would like to be at these milestones but the problem with ideas is that they are just wishes…things that could be. When handed a different reality, we spiral into depression blaming adulting, the economy, and wonder where your grandparents were when the rest were acquiring assets.

Let’s go into understanding what a goal is. The dictionary defines a goal as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. What struck me with this definition is the fact that it’s a person’s ambition. Singular, a goal is unique to an individual. No matter what is trending on the gram, you should move regardless. Instead, we focus on admiring what others are doing and forget what truly drives you.

Take 2 mins and actually think what things truly make you tick.

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Is it having 5 kids? Is it globetrotting? Is it three P.H.Ds? Is it a garage full of luxury cars? What’s your thing?

When coming up with goals, we should remember our lives are not singular. Categorize your goals into different aspects of your life. These include:

  • Family — Spouse, children, siblings
  • Hobbies — Sports, Music, travel
  • Career — Education, Job type, Working hours
  • Friends — Community
  • Wellness — Mental, Spiritual, Fitness

All these categories contribute to make up the amazing person that you are and to achieve true success, you must set up clear and precise goals to achieve each of them.

We have developed a financial wellness tool that enables you to create a blueprint of your dream life. Go a step further and use our savings goal calculator to understand how to set aside money in bite-sized pieces to achieve your goals. You can plan as far as 20 years ahead. How brilliant! These tools will help you stay focused as you manifest your goals so that no matter what adulting throws at you, you really and truly move, regardless.

Pro Tip: We understand that all this information can seem a bit much at first, we recommend our foundation course, Your Roadmap to Wealth. The course is jargon-free making it very easy to digest and implement.

I wish I had discovered these features much earlier in my life but luckily there’s no time like the present! Living intentionally and fearlessly committing to my goals every day has me convinced that failing to plan is truly planning to fail.

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