Opportunities to make money in December

Opportunities to make money in December

After this year’s WRC Safari Rally in Kenya, Kenyan Influencer, Ivy Mugo (@just_ivy)  asked her audience whether they showed up to the event and how much they spent. While gathering this information, part of her audience shared  how they MADE money during the rally which made me think about where I stand in this equation: is more money going in or out of my pocket? Am I a seller or a spender?

While it’s usual and even okay to spend holidays, it might be even better to identify ways to make money. People are usually more open to spending, going on trips, gifting others and some even plan to do so. Here are some ideas to think about while spotting these opportunities

  1. Food

People eat a lot during festivities and more so during holidays towards the end of the year. Some people love to cook, others don’t want to think about having to, they just want to relax. Pick which one you’d like to target and think of the possibilities from buying meat wholesale and supplying it to packaging and selling pre-cooked food to offering catering services during gatherings.

  1. Offer a service

From Uber to delivery services and even Airbnb's there are ways to offer convenience to people especially during holidays when they just want to chill and not think too hard about their movement, receiving goods or a cost effective place to stay while they’re on vacation. This is a good chance to use an asset or skill set you already have to gain some extra coins.

  1. Downsize and sell your stuff

You’ll have plenty of time during the holidays to comb through your house and find things you no longer have use for. These could be valuable items that you don’t use or enjoy anymore or just take up space. You could sell them on platforms like Marketplace on Facebook, auctions within your city or even start a community garage sale. It might not make you millions but it could give you some extra cash to enjoy over the holidays.

While identifying an opportunity to earn more during the holidays, make sure you do your research to ensure what you pursue is feasible and also within your capabilities. If you decide to offer catering services for example, ensure that you’re skilled in that department or can contract someone who is. We help you weigh the pros and cons of different opportunities to earn more that you may be thinking about. 

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