It’s a pandemic but you can still invest in yourself

It’s a pandemic but you can still invest in yourself


Happy New Year! How was your first week back? Are you still on course for all your 2021 resolutions or have we fallen flat? Is the new-year-new-you starting next week? Are you not setting any new goals because all your 2020 ones were stumped by the pandemic?

Whatever it is and wherever you are with your new year goals and aspirations it’s important to move forward regardless. While it’s true that the pandemic aftermath in 2020 ruined plans, disorganised finances and pushed many of us to our breaking point, it’s still  important that we move forward in any way we can. In  little or big ways, moving through this difficult time is really the only way we can get from point a to point b.


What does it mean to move ‘through’ something?  Well, last week on our Instagram stories, we talked about goal setting. To set a goal is to identify an object of your ambition and work towards it. Many people set goals but not everybody meets them. Why? Because of how they are working towards their goals. 

Maybe your goal is too ambitious? Maybe it’s too broad? Maybe you haven’t put a time frame and you’ve been trying to achieve the same goal for 10  years now. As you set your new year goals it’s important that they are SMART. This week on our Instagram stories we asked our followers if they knew what SMART goals were and 40% of respondents said ‘no’.  

So for those of you who missed it here you are. SMART goals are:


These are goals that zero-in on exactly what you want, giving you a precise target and making your desires much easier to achieve.

Eg. I’m going to save more this year vs. I’m going to save 400K.


This means your goals have a metric by which you’re measuring them. While it’s important to always shoot for the stars, it’s just as important for you to define how you’re going to measure your goals. Is it saving a certain amount each month? Is writing one chapter of your book every two weeks? Is it reading 10 new books by July? Measure measure measure.

E.g I’m going to improve my vocabulary by reading more books this year vs. I’m going to read two books each month for the rest of the year to improve my vocabulary.


There’s nothing worse than feeling like you haven’t achieved. If you set your goals too high, you won’t reach them and you’re going to feel like a failure.. Be reasonable, and set goals within your scope of doability. Instead of one big goal, set little ones that will help you achieve the big ones. This gives you direction, as well as motivation along the way!

E.g I’m going to get a job that makes me lots of money vs. I’m going to invest in skills that will make me more competitive and hireable for better paying jobs in the future.


Are your goals realistic? Everybody’s reality is different however, there’s a big difference between saying you're going to be an olympic marathon runner by the end of 2021, versus improving your stamina and hoping to run a local race in a certain time. Realistic and attainable goals go hand-in-hand.


Goals shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. They need a time frame. It’s a miracle what deadlines can do. Time applies pressure and pressure kills procrastination.

E.g I’m going to improve my fitness vs. I’m going to achieve a certain level of fitness by this time.


Things may look a little different this year and your ambitions may feel stifled but remember keep pushing through. As you set your goals keep them SMART and remember, it may still be a pandemic but you can still invest in yourself. 

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