How to find and create more opportunities to earn more cash

How to find and create more opportunities to earn more cash

‘How can I earn more money’  asked every person in the world.

At some point in each of our lives, we’ve all explored the idea of earning more money.

Should I get a second job? Should I start a business? Maybe I’m going to have to rob a bank?

Hopefully most of our ponderings have been legitimate. But one thing they will all most likely have in common is the end goal -financial freedom.

People don’t just want to earn more because it’s nice to have money in the bank. People want to earn more because of the freedom money provides. Freedom of time and choice, which are arguably the two most valuable and rare affordances in the 21st century.

So, back to the question at hand: ‘how can I earn more money?’

When it comes to earning more, weeding out the bad ideas from the good ideas can be a real pain. Should I do this vs. that? How much money do I stand to lose if I invest in this? What's everybody else doing? 

While we can’t tell you to invest in this, buy that, start a business here, we can point you to the right directions to how to go about earning more. 

Find something you enjoy

Listen, in the journey to earning more money, you're going to be spending a whole lot of time working on your side gig to make sure it takes off. So, it really needs to be something you enjoy doing. If you hate doing something, you’re not going to be motivated to give it the time or the effort it needs to fruition into something financially valuable. It doesn’t have to be something you love but it definitely shouldn’t be something you hate. 

Choose something flexible

This is extremely important. Do not jeopardise your income by putting your eggs in too many baskets. Look at your calendar, does it have flexibility? Can you afford to put in some more time into your side gig? If yes, go for it. If not, patience. 

Find something that actually pays

Think of your time as billable hours. Do your research. Put in the effort. In your journey to earning more, make sure you are pursuing something that actually pays you back for your efforts. 

If you’re curious about how to pursue a side-gig that will help you earn more, here’s our FREE Side Hustle Playbook to help get you started!

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