How to automate your savings

How to automate your savings

When it comes to handling income, a lot of people struggle with the discipline to pay themselves first or save before spending. 

Automating your finances is a practice that can help you direct your money where it needs to go to achieve your goals before temptation creeps up on you and you begin to make not so great decisions. Here are a some ways to automate your finances:

  1. Get a Standing order to a different account

    You can do this by going to your bank and asking them to direct a fixed  amount of money to a particular account different from the one where you receive your payment at a particular frequency(e.g monthly) This is ideal for recurring sinking funds, MMF, SACCO etc. 

  2. Automatic deductions from your employer

    This is a good route to go for your pension funds, SACCO payments and  education policies where you already have a set contribution amount and are sure to make the payments without having to remember. 

  3. Set Calendar  reminders

    Create calendar reminders every payday to pay bills and make investments. Make this a priority every month before spending on wants to ensure your needs are covered and that you’ve paid yourself.

Automating your finances makes your money journey a bit more seamless and is the first step to cultivating discipline when deciding where your money goes. You get to pay yourself first without the extra work of having to remember!

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