6 ways to Start Investing in Yourself

6 ways to Start Investing in Yourself

We’re at a time where people constantly talk about investing in themselves and self care. In the beginning this meant treating yourself to a nice meal, a great experience, getting great quality clothes and items or a spa day. However this isn’t really investing and there are more ways in which you can contribute to your present and future wellbeing especially financially. Here are some of the ways.

  1. Create solid Financial goals

People spend a lot of time looking for ways to make money but seldom think through what they money is for after they get it. This is how money goes in and out of your pockets and before you know it you’re living paycheck to paycheck even if you have decent income. It’s important to have goals set out so that you figure out what your money is meant to do for you both in the short and long term.


So many successful people attribute their success to consistency, persistence and most of all discipline. All those factors require discipline. Being disciplined can seem very hard but it’s a muscle that needs to and can be built just as in exercising, honing a gift that you possess and even in your financial journey.

  1. Create systems

Creating systems really comes in handy when you’re still working on your discipline. One way to do this is to automate your finances to ensure that every bill or amount you want to save or invest is put aside before you start spending on other things. Budgeting, tracking your spending and sticking to your budget is also a way to create a system based on your patterns and needs.

  1. Do a course

If you’re not getting as far as you’d like with understanding something you need to do, if there’s a course you can take to help you with that, do it. Money spent on education is never wasted and getting an education may place you steps ahead in whatever journey you want to pursue and if the journey has to do with money, we’re here to help with that through our courses.

  1.  Have multiple streams of income

You can monetize one of your hobbies, do something extra with your time during the weekend if you work a full time job on weekdays. Not only is this a great way of earning extra shillings but also a way of keeping your interests alive and achieving your goals faster.


  1. Start Now

Taking steps however small, right now, will make all the difference whatever level you are at. Whether you’re in debt or looking to start investing, there are steps you can take to invest in yourself right now like doing some research, calculating how much your goals cost or  creating a strategy to start clearing debt. Your future self will be thankful if you start early and if you haven’t, you can right after reading this article.

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