3 things Africa’s Pocket Your Road Map to Wealth taught me

3 things Africa’s Pocket Your Road Map to Wealth taught me

Africa’s Pocket alumni Sylvia Omino learned the following three things from our flagship course Your Roadmap To Wealth. 

  1. Her money ‘personality’

Through our course, Sylvia was able to identify that she was a ‘conservative’ investor when it came to her money. Her approach to money was to preserve capital and not take risks. However, through YRTW, she learned that with calculated and informed risk comes reward. While saving and preserving her income was great because it offered a cushion during emergencies, it wasn’t really growing her cash. Upon doing her research and finding a feasible investment option, Sylvia was able to put some of her cash in a Money Market Fund and grow it. 

“That has really changed my life! "

  1. Everything counts!

Maybe you’re not making $25,000 USD a month and you can’t quite afford to save as much as you’d like but according to Sylvia, everything counts!

Following our YRTW course, Sylvia thought that you had to save large quantities in order to make it count but after taking our course she realised that change is incremental and with good planning and strategic vision, everything counts! So don’t wait until your making lots of cash to start saving, create a plan for yourself. If you need an extra push, watch out for our digital budgeting tool that’s coming up!

  1.  Invest in things you understand

The last thing Sylvia learned was about the importance of understanding investments you understand. In a Live with Rina Hicks she covered why it’s crucial to invest in something you’re knowledgeable in. For Sylvia, this knowledge gave her enough courage to start looking and researching a Money Market fund that best suited her needs and she described it as having ‘changed her life.’

Our course, Your Roadmap to Wealth helps give you the building blocks of structuring your finances to achieve financial sustainability. Invest in our course today and build your foundation!

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