Coin Analysis Tool

How well do you understand your money?

Most people don’t have a good grasp on how they spend their money. Proof…

At the events that we host, we normally ask people to try and guess what they actually spend their money on. At one of these events, we noted some of the answers down and after the event, we had 2 of the attendees upload their mpesa statements on our analysis tool to test if their assumption was correct.

To their utter surprise, they both found out that they were far off from reality. Mike didn’t expect that he had spent KES 1,700 on transaction fees while Kimberly on the other hand, was shocked that she spent 3,100 on airtime - and that’s just in that month!

The reality… The truth is, most of us don’t actually have a good grasp on what we spend on. The worst part is that without knowing that there’s a problem, it’s not possible to make the changes that you need to start building the life that you want.

You can change that today by uploading your mpesa statements and use our analysis tool for just KES 200 . You’ll get insights like how much money came in or out of your mpesa, how much you spent on transaction fees, how much you paid to paybills, till numbers and lots more. The best part is, we’ll keep adding more categories so you can explore your spending every month.

Time to understand your money so you can figure out the costs that you need to eliminate/restructure, to start building the life that you want.

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