“How do you grow your money? It seems so hard!”

What if it wasn’t as complex as they made it sound?

We are building a variety of courses and tools that make understanding your finances as easy as 123!

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Our Courses

Navigating Debt Open

  • Discover how to use debt to improve your financial outcome
  • Understand the different types of debt and how they work
  • Get you out of bad debt

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    Car Ownership Open

  • Discover the best way to finance a car (if you must)
  • Understand how much car you can afford
  • Evaluate the costs of running a car

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    Your Roadmap to Wealth Open

  • Adjustable frameworks to evaluate investments every time
  • Create a step-by-step plan to build the life you want
  • Identify opportunities to increase your income

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    Investable Closed

  • Work towards your goals and achieve your milestones
  • Confidently make the right investment decisions for your life
  • Move beyond saving and explore different investment opportunities

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    The budgeting tool Popular
  • Give every coin you earn a purpose
  • Understand how to restructure your finances to achieve your goals
  • Track your progress, and create a solid financial foundation.

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    Africa’s Pocket for Institutions: Transform Your Teams
  • Professional Associations
  • Universities
  • Companies

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