Top 10 Pension Funds in Kenya

Top 10 Pension Funds in Kenya

Young people rarely have retirement at the top of their minds but a lot of us romanticize retiring early, sometimes even earlier than the “typical” retirement age. Do we know what it truly takes financially to retire at all let alone in your late 40s or 50s (or even 60s) ? 

It means that you have to start putting money aside for retirement in your younger days when you have energy to work and have multiple streams of income. 

So if you are looking to embark on that journey and find a pension scheme that works for you, here is a list of the best pension funds in Kenya according to the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA):

  1. Absa Asset Management Limited

  2. Britam Asset Management Kenya Limited

  3. CIC Asset Management Limited

  4. Co-op Trust Investment Services Limited

  5. ICEA Lion Asset Management Limited

  6. Madison Investment Managers Limited

  7. Nabo Capital Limited

  8. Old Mutual Investment Group Limited

  9. Sanlam Investment East Africa Limited

  10. Zimele Asset Management Company Limited

Learn more about pension schemes on this video

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