The USD 100 Investment that got Ashley to USD 10,000

The USD 100 Investment that got Ashley to USD 10,000

Yup, you read that right! 

Ashley set her goal to 1 Million Kenyan Shillings (USD 10,000) in February 2020. In August 2020 she invested in her financial literacy by purchasing Your Roadmap To Wealth and by February 2021 she hit that goal! Her journey to 1 Million KES (USD 10,000) required patience, consistency and figuring out how she can adapt her lifestyle to reach her future goal. 

So how did she do it? 

  1. Ashley broke down her savings into specific targets 

Saving is an important part of your personal finance journey! As Africans we are taught to “make lots of money” and “save”, but no-one really tells us what to do with those savings. Should your savings only be for emergencies? You saved up to buy yourself a new phone, does that count?

This year, let’s stop saving for the sake of saving! Instead, let’s make SMART goals that we will work towards.

This is exactly what Ashley did. She had two goals, to buy land and travel. She made these goals SMART and calculated that to achieve these goals she needed KES. 1M (USD 10,000). She assessed her risk, and settled on a Money Market Fund (MMF) to manage her savings. She set a standing order with her bank to invest a certain amount every month, and in 1 year she hit her goal! 

Knowing why you are saving and how you will do it is the recipe for success. But there is more… keep reading for a life changing tip on how to stick to your goals!

  1. Ashley kept her expenses low 

This goes a step further than  ‘living within your means’.

A great starting point is reviewing where you are, so you can know what you can reduce. How much do you spend a month? Which expenses are fixed? Are there cheaper alternatives that will give you a similar level of satisfaction? Can you decrease or completely get rid of your variable expenses?

I am embarrassed to share that after reviewing my expenses I found out that I spent KES. 9,000 (USD 90) a month on subscriptions. The worst part is I haven’t even used half the subscriptions in the last 3 months. That’s KES. 13,500 (USD 135) - KES. 4,500 (USD 45) * 3month - I basically threw away in the last 3 months :( . Now hopefully you’re not like me, but you might find some recurring costs that you can reduce. For example, you can share your Netflix subscription service with a friend, or you can make sure you buy data bundles that roll over, so that you are not buying data every month even when you don’t finish the previous months. If I didn't review my finances it wouldn’t have been so clear where I could reduce my expenses. 

  1. Ashely learned to earn more 

Yes please! Do you have big goals and need to add to your nest egg? Should you start a side-hustle? Hmm, but you don’t have a business idea. Maybe you should shoot for a raise at work? But wait, how do you do that? 

Ashley struck a great balance! She found opportunities tied to her skills and what she is good at. This is brilliant because it minimizes the learning curve and leverages what she is good at to increase her income. Want to narrow down opportunities that can help you earn more? Use our free side hustle guide to quickly weed out the bad ideas and identify opportunities where you could make the most money. Increasing your income allows you to take advantage of more investment opportunities. 

  1. Ashley created systems to stay consistent 

All this advice is well and good, but it won’t work if you do it for one month and then completely forget because you have 101 other things to think about every month. 

Decision fatigue can be a huge barrier to achieving your financial goals. 

Decision fatigue either leads to: 

  1. Making riskier decisions - When you’re tired of making decisions, you tend to act on impulse or take on added risk without fully understanding the potential consequences. When it comes to finances, risks that you haven’t thought through can lead to big losses. 

  1. Avoiding making a decision at all - Having to transfer money every month can be exhausting, especially when you have deadlines to meet, projects, family obligations etc… that money transfer quickly takes a back seat. 

Remember that life changing tip I told you about? Well this is it!


Automating your finances means “once it is out of (your) checkings, it is out of sight” as Ashley said. This out of sight, out of mind method guarantees that you are always paying yourself first and that money is working towards your goals, no matter what is going on in your busy life. 

We thoroughly explore this full-proof approach in our course, Your Roadmap To Wealth. We focus on taking out the pain and mental effort required to act on the insights you’ve found and plan you’ve created. Have your money flow automatically to where it's needed.

  1. Ashley bought Africa’s Pocket course, Your Roadmap To Wealth 

This blog post is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what you will learn in the course. 

Ashley’s story shows that we empower you to reach goals like save KES. 1M (10,000 USD+) for a fraction of the price through our online courses. How much is this kind of information worth to you?

Africa’s Pocket team has built expertise leveraging 15+ years at the world’s best institutions and firms. We eliminate the ‘noise’, so you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time on google searching to find information you don’t really understand, or are not sure of its validity. Our team pressure-tested the lessons to ensure the lessons are adaptable so you can come back at any point in your life (you know, since you have lifetime access). 

Trust us, within a year of implementing the lessons you will get your investment back, and more!

Inspired by this story?

Join us on Instagram live on March 11th at 7:30pm EAT where Ashley will share her journey to 1M with us during an Investing Strategy Session with Rina Hicks. During this session you will hear real stories and

In the meantime, start investing in your financial future today by downloading our free investing blueprint that walks you through 6 steps to investing with confidence!  

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