Sarah Coin Confession

Sarah Coin Confession

Budget for the week - 9,000KES


5:00 am - I like to start my week very early on Monday to set a good tone  for the rest of the mornings. I usually have no breakfast and I just quickly get ready and leave the house.

7:30 pm: The ride to work today was surprisingly smooth for a Monday. I stopped at the petrol station to gas up for the week. -KES2,000

9:00 am: I had an intense craving for a salted caramel cake but because I packed some granola, I was able to suppress the craving with a healthy option. (Meal prep for the win!)

2:00 pm: I ate my packed lunch with so much joy.

5:30 pm: Left work to attend Bible study, and by this point I was starving and had to get that salted caramel cake I was craving. (Yaaiy UberEats) - KES490

Total Spend: 2,490KES 

8:00 am: Got to work okay, had my usual granola and coffee for breakfast. 

12:00 pm: I received the dreaded emergency shopping list from my nanny. All mums know ‘the list’ I’m referring to. This is the mid-week list that highlights all the items that the house needs.This does not take into account any plea you might have made over the weekend to be informed of any items that need to be bought for the week. So instead of buying from the wholesale market you are forced to buy from the local shop at a much higher price. *SIGH, end of rant) I am forced to send KES1,000 to cover the shopping.

7:00 pm: On my way home, I pass by Pizza Inn to get some pizza because it's Tuesday and there is a buy one get one free offer at KES1,000.

Total spend KES2,000


7:00 AM: I happily enjoyed having a cold pizza slice with some coffee for a change. This put me in a really good mood. (Yaaaay carbs :D)

6:00PM: It was a pretty intense work day. I left work and went straight home.


8:00 am: I left the car at home and took an Uber to work. - KES290

6:00 PM: Work had an exciting networking event sponsored by a whisky brand. It was great to unwind and network with free drinks :D

9:00 PM: Since I wasn’t driving, I took an Uber home.  Luckily the venue for the event was quite close to home. So the uber was just KES400


Total Spend- 690KES


9:00 am: Had to go to the mall to buy my daughter a new outfit for a family function we were going to. Toddlers outgrow their clothes REALLY fast. I literally bought her new shoes in May. It’s only been 4 months and she’s already outgrown them! I go into LC Waikiki and buy a pair of shoes for my baby. - KES 2,000

11:00 am: I stop at the petrol station to gas up for the journey to Nyeri. KES 5,000

2:00 pm: We arrive in Nyeri town and buy snacks for weekend at the local supermarket. Luckily I spend no money since I was with the mans. Shoutout to the patriarchy!   

Total Spend: 7,000KES


9:00 am: We wake up in beautiful Nyeri and head out to the family function. The day is spent, eating drinking and celebrating my grandmother’s 90th! At the hotel, my daughter spots balloons and the world had to stop for her to get 2 at KES 200. 

6:00 pm: We go back to the house and settle in. We decide with the cousins to play a game of Taboo.

9:00 pm: The drink reserves are starting to run low and two volunteers decide to go into town to get more gin. Since it’s a cost share, everyone is contributing KES500. 

Total spend: KES700


11:00 am: We sleep in and have some breakfast as we prepare to leave for Nairobi.

2:00 pm: It’s pouring hard but we stop at the Sagana market to stock up on groceries. The market is reasonably priced compared to the market in Nairobi. Plus the groceries are the freshest they can possibly be. The real farm to table experience. Again, the mans sorts out the bill. Yaaaaaay!

4:00 pm: We arrive home, unload our bags, order in some KFC and just binge on some How I Met Your Mother. The mans sorts the KFC.

8:00 pm: We are totally knackered from the trip and call it in early.


Monday: 2,490

Tuesday: 2000

Wednesday: -

Thursday: 690

Friday: 7000

Saturday: 700

Sunday: -

Total spend: KES12,880

That wraps up my very eventful week. I was totally out of budget. In hindsight, I was over budget because I didn’t critically plan for my week as I should have. I knew of the birthday, I should have planned better. 

Note to self: Attend a Salted Caramel Anonymous support group.

Yours, Sarah.

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