4 Ways Retailers Trick You Into Spending Money During the Holidays

4 Ways Retailers Trick You Into Spending Money During the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, that means shopping, shopping and more shopping. Retailers take full advantage of this shopping season and use these 6 simple ways to trick you into spending more money. 

1. Bundled sales offer 

Ever seen a buy 4 get 1 free deal?

I’m sure you have. These are what we call bundle sale offers, where you buy more thinking you're saving more than you’re buying. Say you went in the store to get 1 pair of socks for KES. 300 and there’s a ‘buy 3 and get the 4th free’ sale. You buy 3 for KES. 900 and walk about with the 4th one free. Feels great? I'm sure.

But remember, you only needed one pair of socks and you ended up buying  3 more -and that’s how they get you. Remember, sales may look good during the holiday season but don’t be tricked into spending above and beyond your budget because it seems like a ‘steal’.

2. False Shipping costs 

“Hurry! 50% off sitewide & free shipping!”

Seems like too good to be true right? Whenever there’s a huge online sale, there’s always a catch. You’re busy loading your cart, the items have come up to KES. 10,000, with the sale you’ll only spend KES. 5000 AND you’ll get free shipping. A DEAL! You’re ready to check out and you realise the free shipping isn’t reflecting on your purchase.  You go back to the sale information, you read the fine print and realise you have to spend KES.15,000 or more to get free shipping. The items in your cart are things you’ve wanted since forever, so what's a couple of thousands extra to get your free shipping?

Seeing a pattern here? 

3. Strategic store layout 

Ever walked into a store and found that the total layout has changed from the previous week.

The toilet paper that was on sale was next to the cooking oil and now it’s next to a washing detergent you’ve never seen before? Well, that’s not by accident and it isn’t because the manager likes redecorating either! Often, that’s a trick to place products that might  not be selling next to other products that are on sale in hopes of getting you to buy!

4. Inflated original prices 

You know that really expensive store you usually walk by because you can never afford anything in it. Ever noticed that they increase prices just before  the holidays and then come mid-November early December prices usually plummet?

This is a way retailers get people to buy more. They create value but inflate prices weeks before the holidays and then just around holiday-time slash prices to get flocks of people like you and I rushing into stores because ‘finally there’s a sale’. 

They create value with a price increase and secure buy-in with a price decrease. 

Hope this list is helpful in saving you from spending more than you need this holiday season. 

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