Frequently Asked Questions

General things you might be wondering about

Why do you build these courses?

We talk about the world we want to help build in About Us To build on this, we’ll quote one of our favourite authors, Allison Schrager, who captures what we’re aiming to create for you; “If you plan a trip using a map, you have a route for how to get to your destination and where it lies relative to other places. Having that map increases the odds you reach your destination, and it might make you more included to get on the road and take a trip....But using a map doesn’t guarantee a safe journey. The map probably doesn’t include the tree you might smash into because you were texting while driving. It also doesn’t include the Mack truck you might accidentally slam into even if you drive safely...But that does not mean you should throw out the map. It still increases the odds of a successful journey, especially if you’ve been taught how to read a map.”

What’s the difference between your events and your courses?

The two complement each other. On one hand, events are live and happen at a specific times and places. The format and content vary across events, but are typically either higher level conversations on a range of topics (e.g. a panel on investing) or deep-dives into questions that a specific audience might have (e.g. people figuring out real estate/mortgages or new parents planning for their children). On the other hand, our courses are online, self-paced video courses. They’re designed as tactical roadmaps to achieve specific goals (e.g. best equip you to navigate debt). You’ll be able to learn and practice in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. We include supplementary materials, such as illustrative guides and financial models to help you along, and you can connect directly with the Africa’s Pocket team for any questions.
Additionally, events are one of the ways we learn about key questions/challenges you might have, and courses are the main way in which we give in-depth, actionable approaches to resolving them.

Do your tools and courses work for all income levels and people?

The principles, strategies and tactics for sound investing are universal, and so they work for all income levels. However, this doesn’t mean that our courses are a good fit for everyone - we highlight in each course who we think may not be a good fit for the course.

I’m really new to the world of finance and money. Will your courses work for me?

Our courses are built and tested with the goal of being accessible to learners with a very wide range of experience with money. We avoid using jargon (and translate things so you know what jargon-speaking people are saying). Regardless of your current comfort with money/numbers, you’ll be able to understand and keep up.

How are Africa’s Pocket courses different than other programs/books/courses on the market?

Three key differences:

  • Simple, effective, actionable guides - actual step-by-step plans that you can follow to get the results you desire. Automate your finances. Prioritise spending on things that give you the most fulfilment. Invest wisely. The plan is yours for the taking
  • Level of expertise involved in creating the content: we’ve brought together some of the best insights globally to focus on giving you the tools that best position you to succeed. This wide range of deep expertise is hard to come by!
  • Tried and Tested - We’ve gone ahead and tried multiple offerings in the market, and thus can help you understand how to sift out the good from the bad offerings. That way you can find the best services for each part of your financial requirements in your journey to save and invest

What if I fall behind?

Don’t worry — the course comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you’ve traveled, are on holiday, or simply get swamped with work/life for a few days. Interruptions happen, we understand. Africa’s Pocket will ALWAYS be here for you when you are ready to dive back in.