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  • We believe that better teams build better organizations. If you do too, read on.

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    Help employees develop relevant, company enhancing skills

    Employee quote
    “Africa's Pocket helped me figure out how to make the company I work for a bit more money - I applied the lessons in the course on inflation to our negotiations with clients, and my boss was quite impressed!”
    -Terry, 26

  • How can employees evaluate the potential returns from their suggestions, and prioritise those that add to the core goals of your company?
  • How can they think strategically about their careers, and growing their earnings at your company (by making the company do better?)
  • How can they understand the economic factors around them, and tie them back to the company?

  • Our course teaches them how

    Increase employee engagement, reduce requests for salary advances

    Employer quote
    “I’ve had fewer requests for loans, and my teams have been earning more from customers just months after introducing the course!”
    -Dorcas, Jiweke Owner

  • How can we create a mental shift, resulting in employees bringing their full creativity and enthusiasm to bear for their customers?
  • How can we help them understand the true cost of debt (especially when used for consumption), and show them how to be more intentional about these choices, so they can keep more of the money they earn for activities and categories that they know add most value to them?

  • Our course teaches them how

    Empower employees to transform their lives and build the life that they dream of

    Employer quote
    “I’ve gotten really good financial outcomes in my life due to planning, and I’m very glad I can give my employees the same opportunity.”
    -Lucy, XRX MD

  • How can employees learn to make key strategic choices about how they use their salary over the coming years, to create for themselves and their dependants high qualities of life?
  • How can they map out their goals and then use their job as a channel to achieve those goals?
  • How can I equip them to learn this without coming across as “preachy”?

  • Our course teaches them how

    Plug-and-play, immediately implementable corporate benefit

    Transforming personal finance so we can all create the lives we want. We are doing this by building an independent platform you can consult before making any financial decision. And which gradually teaches you how to think about those decisions, until you can confidently make them yourself. And then we want to give you the tools to execute on the decisions yourself, easily, conveniently, and securely.

    Our Questions
  • How can we create world-class solutions that are available any time, any place, for people to use?
  • How can we create world-class solutions solutions that people can access in their free time, allowing them to focus fully on their work when they need to?
  • How can we make the onboarding process as easy and pain-free as possible, so that it doesn’t take much of leadership’s time?
  • How can we create payment solutions that work for a wide range of companies, from full employer sponsorship to employee-funded alternatives (and hybrids of the above?)

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    COURSE: Your Roadmap to Wealth - Conceive the life you want and make plans create it.
  • Access to our flagship Your Roadmap to Wealth Course
  • Onboarding session
  • Why: Increase employee engagement, productivity and commitment

  • Impact/outcomes:
  • Understand the personal finance; demystify the jargon and principles
  • Create a step-by-step plan to build the life you want
  • Adjustable frameworks to evaluate investments every time
  • Identify opportunities to increase your income

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    WORKSHOP: Your Money, Unpacked and Reimagined
  • Why: Immediately implementable
  • 2 hour in-person workshop at your offices for only $800

  • Impact/outcomes:
  • Understand how to re-prioritise finances to move towards creating the life you want
  • Learn how a touch of additional planning and effort can have outside life outcomes
  • Q&A session to explore complex financial questions (e.g. society tax, car ownership,etc.)

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