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Africa's Pocket: Your 2020 Financial Planning workshop

Africa's Pocket: Your 2020 Financial Planning workshop

Year in, year out we always make financial plans and resolutions but very rarely do we stick to them.

Do something different this year.

Your 2020 Financial Planning workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand and prioritize your money; what did you spend on 2019? What do you want to spend on going forward? 

  • How to grow your money to achieve your goals; what investment options exists to help you achieve your long, medium and short term goals?

  • Create an actionable financial plan for the new decade; how much do you need to put away every month? How do you balance between meeting your financial obligations and enjoying life?

Our first workshop of 2020 will help you answer these questions and more while creating a space to learn from and interact with like-minded people.

We'll take a practical step-by-step approach to answer these questions together. We'll also have a panel-style discussion with great money managers who have gone through this process and give you an opportunity to ask specific questions.