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Financial Coaching with Africa's Pocket

Financial Coaching with Africa's Pocket

Have you been making investment decisions because your friends or relatives tell you to without really understanding the investment? Have you tried to make investments but gotten overwhelmed by the options and jargon? Are you tired of spending your weekends and evenings in chama meetings that don't result in anything? 

I’ve spent over 7 years creating a financial planning system that takes the stress out of managing money and investing. I’ve made several mistakes and learned from them and now I’m going to be sharing them with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Find out more on this video here.

Starting June 8th, I’m going to host a financial coaching program for a few people where I’ll share the system I’ve developed. 

This is a special program, separate from our online course, Your Roadmap to Wealth. This program is a system for people who have tried many approaches to financial management and haven’t found something that works. It’s designed for people who want to make a change to their finances and want some guidance through it. We’ll create a highly customized financial plan that reflects the life you want to build. 

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

  • A structured program that will be a hybrid of self-learning, group calls and one-on-one calls to bring clarity to your financial plan 

  • We cover the basics of money management approaches for financial freedom, including bonus access to our online course Your Roadmap to Wealth and our budgeting tools

  • We’ll go a step further to create an income plan and an in-depth investment plan (we'll make a portfolio allocation plan) based on your circumstances

  • It is interactive, so you have the opportunity to ask questions based on your specific circumstances in either the group calls or our one-on-one chats

  • The cost of the program is either a one off payment of KES. 30,000 (about $300) or 3 instalment payments of KES. 11,000 (total cost of KES. 33,000 or about $330)


This program won’t focus on frugality or extreme measures, rather, it will focus on identifying your financial goals, increasing your income to match these and adapting your investment plan to work for you. 

For me financial management went from being stressful conversations with friends I’d invested with and spending all my Saturdays checking out some new opportunity, to a system that enables me to make objective decisions about whether or not to pursue an opportunity. Best of all, I now have an amazing and positive relationship with my money and it works for me as a source of security and freedom. 

Okay, so here are the details: 

  • Limited space so I can help you hands on. You’ll get personal feedback from me and lots of interaction with the other attendees. The group sessions will be filmed.

  • You do not need to have a solid financial plan to attend.  I am looking for a mix of total beginners, who are thinking about managing their money better but haven’t started, up to established investors who have tried lots of things but want a more solid plan. 

  • You’ll need to apply and pay at least one payment for this program before June 4th 2020. Here's the link to the application. We will review applications on a first-come, first-served basis and have a chat with you before we start to make sure you are a good fit for this program. 

  • The financial coaching program will start on 8th June 2020. The finer details will be shared once we’ve reviewed your application during our conversation. 

  • The price of the program is one off payment of KES. 30,000 or 3 instalment payments of KES. 11,000 (total cost of KES. 33,000). This is a hands-on, financial planning program. You will leave with the financial plan and systems I use to manage my own investments as I work towards financial freedom. Because this is a hands on, one-time-only program, there are no refunds.

  • Personal coaching from me. This is your opportunity to get a look behind our never-before-seen financial system for long-term in-person coaching from me.

  • As I said, this is a personalized program. If you’re interested in small-group coaching, I’m looking to assemble a great group of people for an unforgettable program. 

Take a look at the comprehensive breakdown of what we will cover here. 

P.S. Still have a question about the program? Whatsapp us here

P.S.S. Please don't use the payment link below as we are currently experiencing some issues with it. Payment details will be shared during our discovery call, which you can book once you fill out this application form here.