Your Roadmap to Wealth

Our flagship course, Your Roadmap to Wealth, can take as little as 6 weeks if you consistently commit 2-4 hours a week to watch the videos and implementing the lessons in each module.

What you'll learn

How to prioritize financial goals and restructure your finances to live the life you actual care about
A step-by-step guide to automating your finances so you can reach your financial goals
Simple frameworks to guide you in assessing investments so you can do it yourself
Understand and break down financial jargon

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Finance principles with human psychology applications to:

Identify what matters to you and makeplans towards your goals
Increase your active or passive income
Evaluate and make sound investments

So you can focus on building the life you want...

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  • Course Overview

    • Turn risk from just a concept to something you concretely understand. How to quickly and effectively gauge risk in investments, and figure out which investments are riskier than others
    • Translate “Make money” into clear and realistic terms. Understand the range of ways one “makes money” from investments
    • Compound Interest and time – see for yourself what getting started earlier on investments can do for your wealth.Learn the power of compounding, and test out for yourself what it could mean for you once you get started investing
    • Tip: time is one of the most important elements in building wealth, come and see why
    • Inflation – Learn a key reason why the same item costs more over time, and what this means for how your income needs to evolve
    • Tackle the roadblocks to saving. Understand how to build a secure emergency fund so you’re never stranded. Tactical problem-solving of each key roadblock to saving, to enable you to consistently save. And secure yourself with an emergency fund for a rainy day, so you’re not terrified of losing your job or having an accident
    • Learn what the minimum return/profit you should ever accept for any investment is. Build on this knowledge by understanding how your return should increase as you take on risk. Key tip: it’s possible to take no risk and still make money! We explain how. Then we help you decide for yourself which financial risks are worth taking
    • Breaking down your “net worth” to give you a clear understanding of where you’re starting from in your journey to create wealth
    • Eye-opening, counter-intuitive exercise to help you understand who’s currently benefiting from your hard-earned money, and how you can begin to shift this to benefit yourself more
    • Dive into the world of psychology - pulling the best psychology research to ensure you have the momentum, tools and strategies to equip yourself for success
    • Mindset shifts and insights on planning that help you avoid falling into tricky financial situations (e.g. when your expenses in a certain month exceed your income that month)
    • Mindset shift: Identifying the things that give you the most fulfilment, and spend happily on those, while cutting back on the ones that don’t really make your life better in order to save money
    • Simple, grounded approach to move you from dreaming to reality. Working backwards from your dreams to create a plan on how to achieve them - (Now you know roughly how long it’ll take to have the money to buy a house / take your dream holiday / saveup for university fees / whatever else your vision for your best life entails)
    • Tactical approaches to keep more money in your pocket, without lowering your quality of life (from controlling your rent costs (and how to negotiate them down!) to figuring out whether or not gym membership and Netflix subscriptions make sense for you)
    • Handy frameworks and rules of thumb to keep in your back pocket and protect yourself from financial mistakes in future
    Understand, manage and escape debt (including a guide on what to pay off first)
    • Breaking down how debt actually works, and equipping you to understand which debt is good/helpful and which debt is harmful
    • Get inside the minds of lenders so you understand how to attract better forms of debt in future, should you need them
    • Understand, manage and escape debt (including a plug-and-play guide on which debts to pay off first)
    • Step-by-step guide to escape bad debt, including thinking through how to make debt payments bearable and manage the total amount you pay
    • Putting you in an investor mindset - giving you simple approaches to apply in deciding on investments, including whether or not a side-hustle is worth it for you!
    • How to think through increasing your income from your employer - focussed on adding more value to the company and then capturing some of this value for yourself
    • Step-by-step guide on how to evaluate investment opportunities in order to get your money working hard for you
    • Easy to apply, powerful tools to help you avoid losing your money (and spot the winners!) as you invest
    • Debunking common (but short-sighted) investing advice
    • Setting up automated systems to have your money flow seamlessly to where it needs to, so you can focus on living your best life
    • Step-by-step guide to finding the best offerings in the financial market, to make sure your money works hard for you
    • As we developed the content and shared it with people we realised that most people were struggling with very similar questions. We’ve decided to create high level guides to help you think through these important topics and send you in the right direction. We’ll keep growing these resources over time, and these guides will always be free for Africa’s Pocket members.

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    We understand that navigating through financial services and products can be a confusing process. It can be hard to distinguish what’s a scam from what is authentic well-tested material. Therefore, we decided to make it easier for you by eliminating the financial risk.

    Our guarantees is a 100% money back guarantee - if you’re not in love with our program, email us at at any time during the first 30 days of purchase and show us that you’re doing the exercises and not getting results. We’ll refund your purchase. That’s enough time to try out the entire course, with some extra weeks included for extra reassurance.