Navigating Debt

Our Navigating Debt Course can take as little as 3 weeks if you consistently commit 2-4 hours a week to watch the videos and implementing the lessons in each module.

What you'll learn

How to calculate the cost of various types of debt; the effect of straight-line vs reducing balance and different APRs
How to use debt to reach your financial goals; how wealth can be created by leveraging debt
Different types of debt and how to use each of them e.g. logbook loans, mobile loans
How to get out of bad debt; an actionable step-by-step plan to get you out of debt

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Finance principles with human psychology applications to:

Teach you how to use debt to achieve your financial goals
Understand the basics of debt
Get you out of bad debt

So you can focus on building the life you want...

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  • Course Overview

    • Get clarity on what debt is, by understanding what debt means to your finances and why interest rates matter. We’ll also take the discussion further by exploring ways that you can get yourself a lower interest rate
    • When it comes to debt, there’s good debt and bad debt. In this chapter, we’ll have an in-depth discussion on what the difference between the two is, as we debunk myths and confusion around debt. This information will provide you with a solid foundation for your plan to get out / leverage debt
    • A deep dive into the prevailing types of debt in our society; mobile-based loans, logbook loans, and payday loans, with details on how each works.
    • There are different implications for each of these loans. In this chapter, we shall discuss the different implications which will be helpful in guiding you when taking any of these loans
    • Borrowing from multiple lenders can lead to a vicious debt cycle. We shall explain how this happens and how you can prevent it from happening
    • Debt is calculated in 2 different ways; straight line and reducing balance. We shall cover both in-depth to give you an understanding of how you can take advantage of either option to achieve success
    • Total interest paid on a loan can determine how expensive a loan can be. There are however ways that you can reduce your total interest paid and we shall explore them in this chapter.
    • Late fees have dire consequences. We shall discuss how this outcome can be bad for your finances
    • Understand, manage and escape debt (including a plug-and-play guide on which debts to pay off first)
    • A step-by-step guide to escape bad debt, including thinking through how to make debt payments bearable and manage the total amount you pay
    • Sometimes a relapse is inevitable. To avoid this, we shall help you create systems that put you on track to paying off your debt

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