About Us

Why we built Africa’s Pocket:

1. We believe that we can create more democratic and happy societies if people weren't worried about money
2. We hate that people aren't taught about money and then end up doing things that hurt them in the long term
3. As a society, we’ve made the topic of money really inaccessible. So now people feel like they can't ask. And the more accomplished we get the more trapped we feel (how can I be a CEO and not know this? Am I dumb?) We’re fighting that by putting the knowledge people need into their hands in a super-digestible way

Basically, there’s a real chance to transform lives here, and we’re really excited about that.

We’ve been sharing the content in the course in various forms over the years (restructuring finances with friends, helping people navigate investing, etc.) In that time we’ve had a chance to share a lot and learn even more. So we’ve got a system that works.

And we’ve been privileged enough to assemble an incredible team to build this, so we’re sure we’ve created a world class products, jargon-free product.

Our big goal: Can we make something our small siblings would understand (none of them are “super-financey”), and that a CFA will resonate with and agree with? Can we create something beautiful that you will enjoy learning with?

Here it is. We hope you love it.


Global experience, localised

Work experience in the top firms globally and in the local market - learning to create and execute winning strategies. Our experience spans management consulting, wealth management, private equity and investment banking

Training in world’s top academic & professional programs

Getting a thorough understanding of the theory behind investing. Understanding what the leading research and practice teaches, so we can share that with you

Combined 15+ years investing in local markets

We have a clear understanding across the spectrum of different investments - how they work, how much work is involved in each, as well as clear frameworks through which to evaluate risk across investments (and help you avoid losing your money)

Expert Interviews

Interviews of experts across multiple fields, to supplement and test our program (from financial investors to large-scale property owners and landlords). So you can rest assured that this comprehensive course will work for you


After 15+ years of investing experience in this market we’ve got an approach we’re proud of and can confidently stand behind. So confident that we have a money back guarantee. We take the financial risk. You take the learnings.